Monday, March 31, 2008

Such a....

.....long time. What prompted me to update was that I told a friend (I know you are reading) that I had a blog and then I told him that his last update was December. I had to check mine and mine was August! Naughty.

What is going on with me...

hmmmm so much to tell. Damian is just shy of 21 months and mama is getting a little nervous. Especially since he does this everytime I ask him to do something...

do you see what I mean? How could you not be nervous. One is that he has attitude and two is that he is just gorgeous and is going to be chased by girls before I can blink!

Damian is talking A LOT. Sure he takes after me, but he talks way more than me and this is just a scary thought. He is into buses at the moment and seeing that he woke prior to daylight on Saturday, mama seized the opportunity and took him on his first ever bus trip. We went to the local shopping centre (most the shops were closed - told you it was early) and sat down and had a hot chocolate together. Well actually he drank my hot chocolate but that is what mamas do.....right?

My DH and I have separated, amicably. For this I am grateful. I am saddened to think that what I thought was the strongest marriage ever, failed. I am not dating, don't want to date and don't think I will ever date. I am not yet at the stage where I can talk about it without crying but hope that one day this will come.

I have started studying at Uni. I am loving what I am doing but with two assignments due next week I am now wondering whether this was a good choice.

Our dream house was never finished and are close to putting it on the market and a substantially lesser price than what was invested into it. I would love to be able to finish it and live in in, but with RBA increasing interest rates this is not an option.

Hope you are all well, another update soonish.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New start

We are moving out! After living with my IL's for what seems like a lifetime, we are moving.

Maybe I should clarify the 'we'. Damian and I are moving out but DH may not be. I am ok with this. DH needs to sort himself out. Ok maybe I need to clarify that also. We have been living with his parents for 4 years. During this time we have half built a house, gone through AC, had a baby etc etc. He feels that until we finish our house that we should stay with his parents. Fair comment except if I were to turn the tables, he says that he couldn't live with my parents for this long. Ah ha. So he couldn't but I should? I need to save myself from hating every member in his family and the way to do this is to move out.

Let me clarify the 'hating' bit. DH has two sisters, when we first moved in both his sisters were living at home. I came from a organised house to a house that no one took any pride in. This was extremely hard. The older sister was my age and lived like a pig (this has changed since being married) and the other was lazy but still young enough to be told to clean and would. The older sister moved out and the younger sister is now WORSE. She has lost 2 jobs in the space of a year and is now temping but that does not last long - anyway that's not my problem. The problem is that my MIL is not aroung often enough but I am and when I do ask for help or for her to do something, I am the worse person in the world....SO it is time for me to move on before it gets a little ugly.

And DH is oblivious to anything - as males are and quite frankly I haven't even told him about why I am moving out as he is just not interested so enough is enough. I want to spend quality time with my boy and not cleaning up after 5 people.

Now comes all the furniture buying.....I need:

- BEDROOM: bed, bedside cabinets, small TV unit, tallboy
- LOUNGE: lounge suite, coffee table, TV unit
- OFFICE: Filing cabinet, table
- ELECTRICAL: washing machine & fridge

Here are some of the beautiful things I like but not sure whether I can afford....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

One Year down.....

...and many more to come! Damian is now 1.

Time has certainly flown but they have been the most joyous years of my entire life. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I would not change it for the world, even the sleepless nights, nope would not change a single thing!

Damian was an early walker and this is most certainly a trait that he has got from his tata. He DOES NOT stop. Active from the moment he wakes to the moment he goes down for a sleep, cuddles are saved for just before bed of a night time which mama treasures more than anything.

Ok boasting mama here, but heck I can so listen up. Damian is:

- Saying mama, tata, deda, baba, teta,
- Watches Barney & friends and claps when they sing 'if you're happy and you know it...'
- Stops at a step and carefully takes the step without falling
- Loves opening cupboards and playing with bowls and lids
- Starts kicking his legs and waving his arms around when I pull into my parents and brothers drive way!
- When I say 'where's the bird?' he looks outside and looks up in the sky

Oh and there is so much more. But ain't my baby clever??!!


Thursday, May 10, 2007


Do you play? I have only just had the opportunity to sit down and play Sudoko and I love it. Still working on 'easy' haven't moved onto medium but I will get there. Mind you these days I rarely have any spare time.

That's all for today...

Friday, April 27, 2007


So much has happened, Damian is now 9 months and just freaking me out! What happened to my baby? I know that 9 months is still considered a baby but he is not the baby he once was. He still wants and needs his mama and I love that.

We had Damian's Christening this past Saturday and he was a little angel. All went well, well apart from this:

Yep the bear got a little squashed! DH tried to carry way too many things out of the car at the same time and he put the BBQ chicken on top of the bear and well something had to give. Lucky it wasn't the whole cake!
Damian has had the flu this past week but is on the mend.....oh and I have been so strict with his sleep and making sure he always sleeps in his own bed but there have been some occasions where he will not go back asleep and the moment I lift him he settles and then screams when I put him back down. WHAT HAVE I DONE? Last night I resorted to putting him in our bed. Bad move me thinks. Ah well they are only small once.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Damian - 8 months

Happy :-)

Not so happy :-


What peeves you off?!

There are several:

-When I tell my mamas something about Damian and they totally disregard my instructions
-When I am up till 11.30pm (v. late for me), getting everything ready for the next day and DH is either playing his x-box or sleeping.
-When I forget to wax my bikini and Damian and I have swimming. Those little kiddlets are going to get the shock of their lives!
-When you let someone borrow something and then you never get it back, but worse is when you know you have done this and cannot remember who you gave it to!
-When you force yourself to stay away to watch a whole 1 hour episode of Grey's Anatomy and then you fall asleep 10 mins before the end....

What peeves you off?!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Back to work....

After 8 beautiful months at home, I am back at work. Only working 2 1/2 days but honestly that is all I could manage. I miss him heaps.......I mean I love the freedom (going to the toilet in peace, eating a hot meal, shopping without lugging two bags blah blah) but I miss him more.

Damian is now standing, walking around furniture, eating pretty much everything, drinking with a straw (yep he is so cute), not saying specific words but blabbing heaps, wakes only once a night (that's a good night), DAMIAN DOES NOT STOP. He is so full of energy which reminds me of DH and myself.

I do worry about the world he has come into but I can only prepare him to make the best decisions. Oh and I was so critical of toddler tantrums but oh gosh they start very early and I have had to deal with tantrums now. He understands 'no' and then comes the scream and tears and it is worse at the supermarket as he grabs anything and everything he can get to.

Best get going........but rest assured all is well.