Monday, March 31, 2008

Such a....

.....long time. What prompted me to update was that I told a friend (I know you are reading) that I had a blog and then I told him that his last update was December. I had to check mine and mine was August! Naughty.

What is going on with me...

hmmmm so much to tell. Damian is just shy of 21 months and mama is getting a little nervous. Especially since he does this everytime I ask him to do something...

do you see what I mean? How could you not be nervous. One is that he has attitude and two is that he is just gorgeous and is going to be chased by girls before I can blink!

Damian is talking A LOT. Sure he takes after me, but he talks way more than me and this is just a scary thought. He is into buses at the moment and seeing that he woke prior to daylight on Saturday, mama seized the opportunity and took him on his first ever bus trip. We went to the local shopping centre (most the shops were closed - told you it was early) and sat down and had a hot chocolate together. Well actually he drank my hot chocolate but that is what mamas do.....right?

My DH and I have separated, amicably. For this I am grateful. I am saddened to think that what I thought was the strongest marriage ever, failed. I am not dating, don't want to date and don't think I will ever date. I am not yet at the stage where I can talk about it without crying but hope that one day this will come.

I have started studying at Uni. I am loving what I am doing but with two assignments due next week I am now wondering whether this was a good choice.

Our dream house was never finished and are close to putting it on the market and a substantially lesser price than what was invested into it. I would love to be able to finish it and live in in, but with RBA increasing interest rates this is not an option.

Hope you are all well, another update soonish.


Blogger Bugsy said...

Hun - i am sorry to hear that things haven't gone the way you always planned. Life has lots of twists and turns doesn't it. Love the pic - your little man has heaps of attitude doesn;t he! lol cute though

11:03 pm  
Blogger Being Me said...

Anita! My gosh. A blog. A beautiful, beautiful little boy. And a separation? I am a bit of a mixed bag of emotions about finding you, tbh - it's me, Kirrily (magentababy, Ella's mum, however you might remember me from EB). I just came across your sig in a post from 2005... am researching as part of the book I'm writing.

Goodness me, what a trip you have been on. Remembering you fondly. Please feel free to drop by my blog sometime too or email xxoo I hope life is treating you well.

4:04 pm  

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