Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New start

We are moving out! After living with my IL's for what seems like a lifetime, we are moving.

Maybe I should clarify the 'we'. Damian and I are moving out but DH may not be. I am ok with this. DH needs to sort himself out. Ok maybe I need to clarify that also. We have been living with his parents for 4 years. During this time we have half built a house, gone through AC, had a baby etc etc. He feels that until we finish our house that we should stay with his parents. Fair comment except if I were to turn the tables, he says that he couldn't live with my parents for this long. Ah ha. So he couldn't but I should? I need to save myself from hating every member in his family and the way to do this is to move out.

Let me clarify the 'hating' bit. DH has two sisters, when we first moved in both his sisters were living at home. I came from a organised house to a house that no one took any pride in. This was extremely hard. The older sister was my age and lived like a pig (this has changed since being married) and the other was lazy but still young enough to be told to clean and would. The older sister moved out and the younger sister is now WORSE. She has lost 2 jobs in the space of a year and is now temping but that does not last long - anyway that's not my problem. The problem is that my MIL is not aroung often enough but I am and when I do ask for help or for her to do something, I am the worse person in the world....SO it is time for me to move on before it gets a little ugly.

And DH is oblivious to anything - as males are and quite frankly I haven't even told him about why I am moving out as he is just not interested so enough is enough. I want to spend quality time with my boy and not cleaning up after 5 people.

Now comes all the furniture buying.....I need:

- BEDROOM: bed, bedside cabinets, small TV unit, tallboy
- LOUNGE: lounge suite, coffee table, TV unit
- OFFICE: Filing cabinet, table
- ELECTRICAL: washing machine & fridge

Here are some of the beautiful things I like but not sure whether I can afford....


Blogger Bugsy said...

I hope all works out hun - that is some big scary change. best of luck with everything!

6:54 pm  

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